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One sentence to summarize it all: extraordinary quality of life and outstanding education opportunities. Apart from the unstoppable economic growth of the city Berlin offers some life quality characteristics that just cannot be compared to any other city of the world.

  • Berlin has around 2.500 public parks and green spaces.
  • The air pollution index is only 42 points, compared to the 56 of Madrid, 59 of London or 65 of Paris. Tap water also outscores the quality of it’s European peers.
  • It counts with an excellent public transportation system
  • The current crime rate index only 41 while London, Paris or Rome score above 50.
  • There are 180 Museums, 440 Galleries, 3 Operas, Concert Hall and Philharmonic Hall, 8 Symphony Orchestras,  150 Theaters and 130 Cinemas.
  • Widely known for its unparalleled Night Life and Club scene
  • Germany has an outstanding private Health-Care system counting with more than 1000 Hospitals and Clinics.
  • Berlin is the biggest capital exporter globally. It also has the best start-up ecosystem of Europe with almost 4 billion euros raised only in 2017.
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