Von Albert Real Estate

” Our Costumers are the key to our success “

The inner circle

Founder | Alexander von Albert

Amongst the first in setting up the international sales divisions in Berlin. Alex has been working for the past 20 years in the fast-paced property markets around the globe focusing on the sales, marketing and development of Luxurious Golf & Hotel Resorts, off plan-projects, plots, iconic designed high rises, architectural masterpieces, luxurious residential turnkey-projects and exclusive Mansions to high net-worth individuals and institutional investors.

I worked in international sales environments in Marbella, Marina of Sotogrande, Zurich, Hamburg, Munich, Tamarama Beach in Sydney, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and now 8 years in the German Capital Berlin. I have gained vast experience in management and negotiating skills to handle and interact with people from all walks of life. I am trilingual and speak fluent Spanish, English and my mother tongue is German.

“We build confidence and confindence builds value”

Trusted Partner | Ralph Herforth

In addition to his remarkable acting career, Ralph Herfurth has, since 2011, also earned a legendary reputation in the southwest of Berlin for luxury real estate. His ability to juggle the demands of the entertainment industry with the intricacies of high-end property sales demonstrates his exceptional versatility and dedication. Ralph’s dual career path showcases his unique blend of skills, allowing him to excel both on screen and in the real estate market. As an ambassador for our company, he brings a wealth of experience, charisma, and a deep understanding of luxury living, making him a valuable asset to our team and clients alike.

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Ignacio Llorca

IT & Coordination

Our engineer for everything that has to do with computers and administration.


Leon Seibert

IT Media Engineer

A master in creative media and IT infrastructure, combining artistic flair with technical skill.


Jose Bartels

Rentals Team Lead
Investment Broker

Our Colombian expert for property administration, Rentals and furnishing.


Timo Fakhravar

Sales Specialist

From acting to real estate, Timo combines professionalism, charisma, and client-focused service for a seamless transition.


Moritz Lindbergh

Residential Realty Advisor

Professional actor, 25 years of experience as private real estate investor, emphasis on negotiation and problem solving, specializes in luxury properties and interior design.


Marlon Balcke

Junior Residential Advisor

Young, dedicated real estate agent with a strong people background in and years of experience assisting his father freelance in selling apartments and houses, he brings passion and expertise to every transaction.

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